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 A History of Jane Belleville

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Jane Belleville

Jane Belleville

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A History of Jane Belleville Empty
PostSubject: A History of Jane Belleville   A History of Jane Belleville Icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 5:01 am

Henry was devestated when his beloved wife died giving birth to Jane, and now it seemed all was lost. His once felt excitement and joy for their daughter was now gone, and the responsibility of taking care of her and Mercedes, Jane’s older sister, loomed over him. He wanted to escape completely, but his honor simply wouldn’t allow it. Life looked dark for this man but the memory of his younger days hung on his mind. When he was younger, he was part of a small crew on a medium sized ship consisting of thieves and murderers commonly known as pirates or rogues. Longing for the simplicity of life in those days, he sold all of their belongings except for a few essentials. He used the money to purchase a ship and acquire a decent crew. He got to work, pillaging and burning townships, destroying anything that got in his way of what he wanted at the time. Soon the bloodshed and greed numbed his mind and his main motivation became wealth. He sought after treasure after treasure, never stopping. His mind was so wrapped up in grief and keeping busy with his work to notice that he had thrown his two daughters, Jane and Mercedes, into a completely different world to fend for themselves.

Mercedes raised Jane the best that she could and they became very close. They grew up cooking for their father’s hungry crew three times a day, every day. It wasn’t till they were older that Henry allowed them to learn how to work on deck, and occasionally let them help with the crew when needed. They were trained how to use every weapon available to them as well, which came in handy at times when one or two of the men got too drunk to act respectfully towards them. Their father taught them all about how a ship works and how to run it, which unknown to them would become very useful very soon.

Henry had built a mighty fortune and it was widely known as well as envied. He was betrayed by several captains considered in his “brotherhood” who turned him into authorities in hopes of sweeping his fortune from underneath his feet. Jane’s father was tried and beheaded by the authorities in the region for earlier attacks on their people. Jane and Mercedes took no time to grieve, quickly gathering up their father’s wealth and a map to a location where he stashed most of his treasures. They wouldn’t let it fall into the hands of his murderers. With anger in their hearts and fire in their eyes, Jane and Mercy purchased three warships. These they had painted black with red sails. No one would mistake them for anyone else. With this “Black Fleet” they proceeded to hunt down the ships of Henry’s betrayers.

Not long after they had begun their quest, Jane married a man by the name of Belleville, and shortly divorced the man. The marriage lasted just enough for her to get what she needed, a map. Meanwhile, Mercy had found a first mate, Lily Rose. After returning to the sea with her sister, Mercy fell in love with and married a well-to-do nobleman and gave up the way of life her and Jane had made for themselves, leaving Jane captain of three feared ships and a deadly crew, who also thirsted for the blood of revenge. She was utterly merciless with the crews she captured, yet clever as well, always leaving two or three alive to relay to others exactly who was to blame. They lioness was angry, and the trespassers would pay. As for the men directly (and indirectly) responsible for her father’s tragic death, Jane Belleville beheaded them personally on deck of her flag ship, The Burning Star, spilling their blood in tally mark stains on the wooden planks. The heads of her victims were hung as trophies on the bow of Enelyë and their headless bodies thrown overboard.

After Jane had her revenge and all involved had their heads dangling from her ship’s bow like ornaments, she began to obtain more treasure. During a battle two of her ships were struck and burned, sinking them to the ocean’s floor. The Burning Star, took much damage and a beaten Jane, salvaged her one ship enough to get it to the one spot that would never leave her mind. The location of a cove her father kept his massive treasure. It was known by no one but Mercedes, and she knew her ship would stay safe until she would be able to return and repair it. She left her treasures behind below deck along with a variety of weapons. Not mentioning the large long range cross bows lining the ship below and above deck.
Jane left her home she had known for most of her adult life and trekked from town to town in new areas away from where most humans dwelt, moving inland where no one knew her name or her face, waiting for the opportune time to return to that well hidden cove to retrieve her treasures and ship. She keeps the treasure map securely between her skin and bodice, never letting a soul lay eyes on it or know of its existence.

Currently, Jane is laying low in Havendale. She met up with Mercedes in Eldarus after Mercy killed her husband. The Burning Star is in a cove not far from Havendale, and they are working on trying to repair their beloved ship.

Race: Human

Height: 5'7''

Weapons: A horrible shot, two barrel pistol. It never shoots where she aims, and it has blown up on her once before. She had it repaired and it's even more unreliable. She also carries a cutlass, it was her mother's.

--subject to updates--

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A History of Jane Belleville
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