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 Moira Feye Bates

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Moira Feye Bates

Moira Feye Bates

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PostSubject: Moira Feye Bates   Moira Feye Bates Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 10:24 pm

Full Name:
Morgana Feye Bates

Maiden Name:

Preferred Name:

Barmaid, Tavern Wench, Serving Wench, Wench, Waitress, Entertainer, what you call her is your choice. Just don't call her Tootsie!

Moira was born to Arthur Collin Bates and Etain Patrice O'Malley. She was granted one younger sister whom she knew for only six short years before she was lost in Raven Woods.

Physical Appearance:
Her blue eyes can capture even the scurviest sailors' hearts with a single glance. Her thick red hair is usually worn up in a wild mess of an updo with fiery curls cascading down her neck. She looks like an angel sent from heaven, but call her Tootsie and you'll meet one of her two best friends; Toots, her floral engraved English Flintlock Pocket Pistol, or a large and strikingly sharp steel dagger with an obsidian hilt named Tootsie; both of which are kept hidden on her person at all times.

She's more spiritual and superstitious than religious. She believes in the Christian God, but doesn't consider herself part of that religion.

Flirting, singing, drawing, dancing, drinking, carrying large trays of food and drink, archery, gun-slinging, and decent swordsmanship
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Moira Feye Bates
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