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 The Pirate and the Bounty Hunter

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Mercy Erickson
Mercy Erickson

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The Pirate and the Bounty Hunter Empty
PostSubject: The Pirate and the Bounty Hunter   The Pirate and the Bounty Hunter Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 4:26 pm

This is a brief snippet of Mercedes' and Jacob's history.

Mercedes Erickson, her mass of tangled dark hair trailing behind her, rounded the corner off the street and into a deserted alley way. She flattened herself against a brick wall, and risked a glance back around the other side. She held her long shiny rapier sword in her right hand and a lengthy dagger in her left. Her pistol stayed tucked in her belt, as she wasn’t aiming to kill. Her eyes fell on her pursuer and narrowed. Damn, he was tracking her better than he had before. He certainly had more conviction in his quest.

Jacob Covington had his shoulder length dark hair pulled into a ponytail at the base of his neck. He was wearing a dark vest over his tanned broad chest and dark pants that hung baggy off his waist. His one good eye roamed the streets for her, as he advanced on her position with quickness and purpose. His other the eye, the one she had maimed, was hidden by a black patch. Somehow, this made him look even more dashing. In his right hand, he held a pistol and in his left a short sword. There was little doubt that he would kill her, if given the chance.

Mercy’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of her handsome bounty hunter, color rising in her cheeks. He’d always made her react this way. The more obsessed he become with hunting her down, the more she wanted him. She’d always been able to stay one step ahead of him in their game of cat and mouse, but as of late, her side of the game had become harder to play.
She pushed off the wall and continued down the alley way, walking softly as to not draw attention. It hadn’t matter though; Jacob had caught just a flicker of movement as she’d peeked around the corner at him. He quickened his steps to a near run, as he followed her down the alleyway. Mercy whipped her head back, hearing him coming. She let out an unladylike curse as she saw him hot on her tail and started a full out run, intent to flee her predator.

Looking over her shoulder, she nearly smacked into the back wall of The Crab’s Leg Tavern where she was staying. Not releasing her weapons, she wrenched open the back door of the inn, which led to the kitchens. The cook looked up at her startled, as she barged in, but she paid the large man no heed, as she strode past. Jacob burst in just after her, gaining on her with every step.
She pushed through the swinging door into the lobby and then rounded up the steps as quickly as her legs would carry her. It was not fast enough, however, as Jacob literally pounced on her from behind knocking her down. Her sword and dagger fell from her hands, as the breath was knocked out of her by his weight pushing her into the hard stairs. Jacob quickly knocked her weapons out of reach.

She grappled clumsily with him, managing to roll over to face him, but she’d never beat him in an out and out match of strength. Without her blades, she was not strong fighter. In a matter of seconds, his pistol was lodged underneath her throat, cocked, and ready to fire.

Mercy stilled underneath him, her heart beat and heavy breathing the only sounds she could hear. Her eyes met his one eye, and the intense hurt and rage she saw in it, made her own eyes soften. He would kill her now. This fact, amazingly, did not make her panic. In fact, part of her felt she possibly deserved this, and to be honest, she’d rather he just shoot her than to turn her in to be hung by the authorities.

Jacob made the slightest of move, his hand flexing against the trigger. Mercedes closed her eyes and winced, waiting for the bullet to end her life. Instead the cold metal fell away, and Jacob let out a guttural growl. His weight was suddenly absent from her body.

To Be Continued!
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The Pirate and the Bounty Hunter
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