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 Lord Ricco

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Character Description:
Appearance - Dark skinned. Clearly not a pure bred lineage, but most likley some manner of Latinish / African mix. Consequently he is 5' 10", and built with a broad stance to his body. His muscle lines look defined and solid - but are not so impressive as some athlete's might be.

He is 100% Bald on top of his head with dark eyebrows and a black gotee often adorning his round faced chin. He appears perhaps his late thirties - though truthfully his body is undead, and animated through parricidal means.

Effect: Naturally you are the dictator of how Ricco's presence will effect you, but the following is intended as a guideline for the common human encounter; ~ The experience should be a downer. He could be the most charming guy in the world with interesting stories but the fact that he is a psy-energy vamp should make him seem to 'suck the life out of a room' simply by entering it. If there are insightful or clairvoyant powers in your arsenal - he'd appear as a void. A black hole of a presence, feeding off every manner of energy around him.

Sang / Blood lust: Obviously - he's a vampire, and as such will always have need of blood. Directly, and indirectly. It is what heals him, sustains him, strengthens him, excites him, soothes him, and much more. Blood is his best friend and worst enemy. His primary source of strength, and also his most obvious weakness. He needs it. Craves it. Seeks it. Anticipates it.

Power: Being a 'Mater' or 'Prince' vampire - he should, of course, be formidable and dangerous. While I will pull my punches with this character when appropriate, your character may be expected to defend themselves - so please be prepared for such an event. All traditional powers and weaknesses generally associated with vampires will be represented in one way or another, however - like most vampire story tellers, I will have my own take on much of it. In order to explain discrepancies between he, and other Vamps who might play and interact with Ricco - I propose that different vampires, or type of vampires are inherently different. This should add enough flexibility to cross hub char rules and independent creations to that we can play together without compromising anyone's 'rules' or storyline.

Weaknesses: Yes. Even if the rules change from time to time - there will always be limitations to powers, and weaknesses to be found in play.

Features: His voice is Soothing and calm. Deep, but quiet. Eyes are hypnotic (literally) but brown. There is a 'draw' to him that does not tend to repel people in spite of the drop in energy that often occurs in his presence. He can influence other's emotions and impulses with his 'Thrall' and the more one allows it - the more a hold over the person he should posses, however - he can not actually control you. He can communicate telepathically, but only if the communicatee and he are on a similar enough 'wave-length' to do so. Similarly he can have a dramatic effect on nature. Beasts and plants, and especially insects and rodents. Often seeming to control such things at will. Imagine his effect to be like a sweet tasting addictive poison that quickly robs you of energy, and ultimately life-force. Spirits appear to him as living people do, though he wouldn't normally confuse the two. Ricco is both surprisingly light weight for his size, and durably tough, like thoroughly dehydrated meat on bone. Strength therefore, is also far beyond what logic should dictate for a man his size.

He often wears a gold hoop in the lower lobe of his left ear, especially when his clothing is ragged and poor. If his clothing is of fine wares, then this adornment is often not included.
At all times, a gold ring adorns his left hand ring finger, with a feather etched on one side and a rose etched on the other.

History (Extremely condenced) - Per Novel -
Ricco was born a slave somewhere in Eurasia, got mixed up in a lot of trouble and picked up the scars on his back from slave drivers along the way. Eventually grew into a man, was made a vampire by the Second Prince known by most of the grey race as 'The Master', successor to 'The First' who in turn succeeded 'The Intended' before which was the roots of Autarch, the lineage of Xorn and the titans, ect.

As a vampire he became The Master's personal servant, eventually bestowed the distinction of 'Head Servant', before succeeding 'The Master' making him the Third to hold the throne, according to vampiric prophets he would be referred to as 'The Mentor'.

History As Per TG Chat days:
Ricco fought to end many age old wars and put Vampires neatly into the seclusion of horror stories and rumor, making alliances and enemies along the way which eventually defrocked the entire hierarchy according to common rouges but gained favor with a few high fates and lesser deities, one of which 'Little Hawk' he took as his wife.

History as per Shards RP:

Resurrected by human cultists, Ricco became something of an underlord, having a few short adventures rivaling a band of misfits such as a half bred albino, and some others before finding his nitch in a dark market town representing a Slaver's Guild. Unpopular to the common view, his skills to forge secret alliances and play all sides of hopeless situations seemed to be quite an asset in the world of politics, but his willingness to break rules eventually forced him to rid himself of illegal slave assets which is the business that brought him to Havendale.

History as per Havendale RP: In progress.
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Lord Ricco
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