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 Bre'Cheye Midori

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PostSubject: Bre'Cheye Midori   Bre'Cheye Midori Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 9:41 pm

RACE: Wood Elf


NAME: Bre'Cheye Jaliene Midori

ALIGNMENT & DEITY: good/tunare

LOCATION: Norrathian/Mindentarry/Freeport

AGE: 18

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'2' 78-85

WEAPON(S): simple scimatar

ARMOR: nothing really

CLOTHING: leather leggings and tunic when hunting; pastel longish dresses when running the Inn I had bought in Mindentarry

PERSONAL ITEMS: Necklace on a gold chain made from an emerald in the shape of a rose

CLASS: Druid

APPEARANCE: Blonde hair with white highlights; blue-green eyes: sometimes look blue sometimes green; small scar on right temple that us usually hidden by my hair; small star shaped scar on the back of my right shoulder (all from a fall off a cliff)

PERSONALITY: sunshiney most of the time, always wanting to be a friend to everyone and to help anyone in need. Would probably appologize to the person who would want to kill me.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Basic Druid spells: healing, rooting/snaring/ levitate/increased speed/nuking and buff spells/teleportation spells

Innate Abilities: not sure

Physical Abilities: none

Mental Capacities: telepathic communication

Weapon Proficiencies: none

Magical Abilities: casting druid spells

IMMUNITIES/DEFENSES: when resist poison or fire/ice is cast upon self, it creates a short period of safety from said spells.

WEAKNESSES: Lost my spell book so I didn't get to fully study all those Druid spells; therefore when teleporting I always end up where I don't want to end up. And the other spells don't work well, so I most of the time don't even try


Pet Baby Dragon, Fade. Althought tiny in stature, Fade has the ability to cause warm firey irritation to anyone attempting to attack his mistress, Bre'Cheye. And if his tiny splurts of flame doesn't run her attackers off, his desire for bean burritoes surely will.

A gift from her Clan Leader, Sirinnu, the teddypanda bear Teddy seems like nothing more than a stuffed toy; and usually he is. Teddy has the ability to open and shut his eyes, glare his eyes at any suspisious individual around his owner or if provoked can cast a short-lived protection shield around his Druid owner.

The youngest of 4 children that included her older brother and sister and older half sister, she never met her father in person but heard him as she hid in a closet when he would visit her mother. She would cringe and cry as a child as she listened to him beating her mother.

When she was 17, she left to search for her older siblings that she had only heard of and never met. After meeting them, she met someone that she immediately fell in love with only to have him dump her. He had only paid attention to her because he truely wanted her older sister.

For a time, she helped care for her 6 nieces and 3 younger nephews (one nephew was older than she) but then decided to travel once more. A couple of misguided teleports landed her first in a frozen land (Frost Knights) and then on some island where a war was taking place (Shangri-la). At the latter, she accidentally dropped her spell book off the cliff and slipped afterward, falling to a lower ledge.

Later, she spent her life savings to buy an Inn and to start a life there. Love always eluded her, the one true one she sought never wanted her; he wanted another so she spends her days thinking back and trying to remember things that had been erased from the injury she had received in the fall.

Because of her mother's hatred toward the man that beat her, she had refused to teach her last child the Elven language so when it came time to learn her druid spells it was hard to do so because of them being in the elven language. That is part of her not knowing the spells very well.
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Bre'Cheye Midori
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