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 Mercedes Erickson

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Mercy Erickson
Mercy Erickson

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PostSubject: Mercedes Erickson   Mercedes Erickson Icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 11:41 pm

Full Name:
Mercedes Morgan Erickson

Maiden Name:


A pirate, scoundrel, and petty thief, Mercy used to captain her own ship. Now, she's in the market, as it were.

Theme Song: Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly

Her only known living relative is her sister, Jane Belleville. She never knew her mother's name, as the woman was a prostitute who ran off and left her on her father's ship as an infant, while he was making port. It's really not completely known if Henry Adams was really her biological father, but he raised her as such. Jane's mother was Henry's true love, and she also accepted Mercy as her own, however, tragedy struck when her pregnancy with Jane went wrong. Baby Jane survived the ordeal, but the Henry's wife passed away. Mercedes was only three at the time, and barely remembers the woman.

Physical Appearance:
Mercy's hair is usually left down in a tangled curly mess. She rarely goes anywhere not armed to the teeth with daggers, throwing stars, a flintlock pistol, and her shiny rapier sword. She usually can be found wearing a white cotton shirt, soft doe skin leather pants, and knee high black boots.

Mercy is not a very religious individual, however, she is as superstitious as the next seamen and highly frightened of the supernatural. It's really the only thing that makes her cower in fear. Her fear of all things magical or mystical is her biggest weakness.

Sword fighting, sailing, and causing drunken mayhem and trouble.

Mercedes grew up on her father's ship, The Burning Star, along with her younger sister Jane. Life was difficult on the ship, and one learns to be tough fast when surrounded by ruffian sailors and pirates. They both learned to be ruthless sailors with little respect towards abiding by the law. Mercy, while not devoid of human compassion, would as soon stab a man as look at him most days.
When they were in their late teens, their father's luck ran out, and he was betrayed by other outlaws. They hoped to steal his fortune and planned to get him out of the way by letting the authorities take care of him. He was tried for piracy and hung by the neck until dead. Mercy and Jane had tried to get there in time to save him, but they'd been unsuccessful. They rode into town mere hours after his death. Stricken with grief, Mercy, and a few other friends of her father, set fire to the town in which her father had been executed. Meanwhile, Jane whisked away their father's fortune to a secure location, determined to not let the double-crossers have it. After this, the sister's took over their father's business.
After a few years of success, Jane left the pirating business to go off and get married. Mercy hired the young woman, Lily Rose, to be her first mate. This is when she first happened upon the bounty hunter Jacob Covington. He was, at first, only after her for her to turn her in for the bounty on her head. Mercy found him utterly attractive, and played cat and mouse with him on purpose, always just staying one step ahead of him. When they crossed swords, she was the better of the two. In what was sort of an accident, Mercy's rapier blinded the bounty hunter in his left eye. Instead of killing him, as she would have most enemies, she fled. She felt sickened by what she'd done. Jacob, now has an almost obsessive hate for her that drive's him to pursue her to the ends of the earth.
When Jane divorced her husband and came back to the ship, Mercy, still upset about the Jacob incident, left to settle down herself. Her marriage to the nobleman, however, was short lived as he soon learned of her past, and tried to turn her in to the authorities. Now reunited with her sister, she is out to pillage Havendale and all its surrounding riches.
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Mercedes Erickson
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